Prof. Russell Holmes

Deepesh Rai

Deepesh Rai
Mat. Sci. (5th)

Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang
Mat. Sci. (5th)

Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark
Mat. Sci. (4th)

John Suddard-Bangsund

John Suddard-Bangsund
Mat. Sci. (4th)


Kaicheng Shi
Mat. Sci. (3rd)


Nolan Concannon
Chem. Eng. (2nd)


Robert Newcomb
Mat. Sci. (2nd)



Former Members of the Holmes Research Group:

Graduate Students: (12 Ph.D., 3 Masters)

Kyle Hershey, Ph.D., 2018, Now at Microsoft

Ian Curtin, Ph.D., 2018, Now at Lam Research

Tom Fielitz, Ph.D., 2017, Now at The Dow Chemical Co.

Nathan Morgan, Ph.D., 2016, Now at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Tyler Mullenbach, Ph.D., 2016, Amazon

Preston Groethe, M., 2015, Now at Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Abbey Chanda, M.Sc., 2015 Now at Boston Scientific

Yunlong Zou, Ph.D., 2015 Now at Dupont

Matt Menke, Ph.D., 2015, Now at 3M

Nick Erickson, Ph.D., 2014, Now at 3M

Meng Li, M.Sci., 2013

Kai-Yuan Cheng, Ph.D., 2012, Now at Amazon

Richa Pandey, Ph.D., 2012, Now at Ubiquitous Energy

Salil Bapat, M.Sc., 2011, Now at University of Arkansas

Grant Lodden, Ph.D., 2011,  Now at Honeywell

Wade Luhman, Ph.D., 2011, Now at Anderson Windows

Post-doctoral Researchers: (2)

Gang Qian, 2014-2016

Yi Zhang, 2012-2014, Now at Nitride Solutions

Undergraduate Students (23):

Adam Pieterick, UMN Physics, 2007-2009, Now at CalTech, Jason Houle, UMN Chem. Eng., 2007-2008, Ahmad Syafiq Ahmad Hazmi, UMN Chem. Eng., 2008,  Jersin Nguetio, UMN Elec. Eng., 2009, Now at UMN Elec. Eng., Jon Bertram, UMN Mat. Sci., 2009, Bob Halperin, UMN Mat. Sci., 2009, Scott Isaacson, UMN Chem. Eng., 2009-2010, Now at Stanford University, Gareth Westler, UMN Mat. Sci., 2009-2010, Now at University of Wisconsin, Patrick Duffy, UMN Mat. Sci., 2009-2010, Now at Northwestern University, Ross Kerner, UMN Mat. Sci., 2009-2013, Now at Princeton University, Joe Loof, UMN Mat. Sci, 2012, Alan Wang, UMN Chem. Eng. 2012, Kayla Simmion, Florida A&M, 2012.  Luke Balhorn, UMN Mat. Sci., 2012-2014, Now at Stanford University, Chris Lindsay, UMN Mat. Sci., 2012-2014, Now at Stanford University, Chris Phenicie, UMN Physics, 2014-2016, Now at Princeton University, Caroline Qian, UMN Chem. Eng., 2014-2016, Kyle Miller, University of Puget Sound, 2016, Trevor Steiner, UMN Mat. Sci., 2016-present, Nick Rothbacher, University of Puget Sound, 2017, Jack Van Sambeek, UMN Mat. Sci., 2017-present, Trevor Steiner, UMN Mat. Sci., 2017-present, Katherine Gramling, 2018-present.

High School Students (11):

Michael Crump, Breck School, 2008, Now at University of Pennsylvania, Brandon Onopa, Breck School, 2009, Now at Lehigh University, Addison Weilier, Breck School, 2010, Now at Stanford University, Partha Naidu, Wayzata High School, 2011, Robert Dorn, Breck School, 2011, Saeed Hakim-Hashemi, Breck School, 2011, Peter Metzger, Breck School, 2012, Easton McChesney, Breck School, 2014, Wolfgang Ofstedal, Breck School, 2014, Jiaheng He, Breck School, 2016, Sung Wan Huh, Breck School, 2016.